Would You Rather Have Manhattan Apartments with a Balcony or Terrace?

apartments with balcony in ManhattanThere are many ads for apartments that offer balconies and terraces. What is the difference between a balcony and a terrace? They’re almost the same…right? Sometimes the advertising people use balconies and terraces synonymously but generally here’s the difference in reference to apartments and/or apartment buildings…Balconies are ordinarily private or semi-private. A terrace is usually not private and is associated with a specific place like a “garden” or “rooftop.”

Wikipedia’s definition of a balcony is defined as a platform projecting from the wall of a building, supported by columns or console brackets and enclosed with a balustrade, usually above the ground floor, commonly with an entrance from a door or window.

Dictionary.com defines a terrace as a raised level with a vertical or sloping front or sides faced with masonry, turf, or the like, especially one of a series of levels rising one above another.

Here are a few apartments with a balcony in Manhattan from Apartmentfinder.com

  • West End Towers is located at 55-75 West End Avenue. West End Towers is a 1,000-unit high-rise just off 66th Street on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. This high-end rental building features a fitness center with pool and classes for adults and children, children’s playroom, children’s outdoor playground, parking and a complimentary shuttle bus.
  • Symphony House at 235 West 56th Street. This very large, orange-brown brick, rental tower has a handsome polished red granite base and a very handsome entrance and plaza. Symphony House offers a health club and pool on the top two floors, a garage, a doorman, a concierge, a bicycle room, a storage room, a sundeck, a recreation room, a laundry on every floor, video security and valet service.
  • The Pavilion at 500 East 77th Street occupies the full block between 77th and 76th Streets and York Avenue. The Pavilion has its own shopping arcade, landscaped roof decks, a 24-hour attended garage, a shuttle bus to transit and shopping, a windowed laundry facility, air-conditioning, ATM on site and a fitness center.
  • House 39’s address is 225 E 39th Street and recently began accepting residents. House 39, the shimmering 36-story curved glass tower in Murray Hill, offers a fitness room to be a mecca of fitness possibilities, including a full yoga studio, a locker room and even a Turkish-bath inspired hammam steam room. Rooftop indoor and outdoor hot tubs beckon after a long day at the office, complete with dazzling views of the surrounding neighborhood.

Apartments with Balcony: Organizing a Party with Friends

Apartments with Balcony in Manhattan

If you’re lucky enough to be renting one of those luxury apartments with a balcony in Manhattan, like those you may have seen on house39.com, then you’ve got to take advantage of that and hold a balcony party!

When you live in an apartment and like to entertain, it always helps to open up the balcony as another room. Voila. You suddenly have more space!

There are millions of ways to organize and decorate, and here are a few ideas.

If you’re trying to go low-key, then think paper lanterns, deck chairs, and a guitar. You really can’t go wrong when it’s all relaxed. The foods that may be most appropriate are finger foods, something rustic. Think popcorn bar, lemonade, chips and dip, or cream cheese and onion ham rolls. For something sweet consider cupcakes or even just cookies.

If you want something more formal, consider a small table with a centerpiece and gourmet cupcakes, then set out a few chairs and put out some plants. Plants can brighten up any space and make it party ready. Later on in the night, serve some ‘looks-fancy-but-it’s-easy’ drinks, like a dirty Shirley cocktail or something along those lines. You can always go with fruit and cheese samples, gourmet flatbreads or pizzas, or even bruschetta. These are quick, but provide the opportunity to use any gourmet ingredient you like.

Another option is to have a tropical party, a sort of luau. Make tropical rum punch, set out a couple of pineapples and leis as centerpieces, and put on some tropical drum music. Try buying a used surfboard and prop it in the corner, and then choose your foods. They could run from simple – like Hawaiian pizza or fruit skewers – to more complex foods like grilled pineapple and pork with cold macaroni salad.