To swim or not to swim…Why You Prefer Apartments for Rent With Indoor Pool

New York City’s weather is not as good as….San Diego, for example. Every year has 8,760 hours. And if you live in New York, in those 8,760 hours, you will only see the sunshine 2,677 hours on average. You’ll also need to open your umbrella about 121 days, because this is how much it rains in New York each year, according to US Climate Data.

33% of the days in New York, it’s raining. Now you know why it’s raining in most movies filmed in New York City. No dramatic effect at all, it rains for real!

On the other coast, San Diego enjoys 2,958 hours of sunshine without snow at all and only 43 rainy days. On March 17, 2017, New York City was hit with a snow storm that dropped 3 inches of snow just days before the official start of spring. Probably a lot of fun for the kids, but not so fun if you need to leave home and go to the office, right?

When you consider all of this, you know why you want an indoor pool over an outdoor pool if you are living in New York City, or if you have plans to move there.

In an article posted on, ten apartments are featured with swimming pools – some indoor, some outdoor. So why is an indoor swimming pool better than an outdoor swimming pool, besides the weather? Let’s check two main reasons. But for sure, you can find some other reasons on your own.

Accessibility –

An outdoor swimming pool in New York City is not heated during off seasons. This is bad news for you and every member of your family except if you have a penguin as a pet. An indoor swimming pool is just an elevator ride away from your apartment door and ready for a swim whenever you are…a climate-controlled, warm pool. Now you get the point, and you see it’s worth every extra dollar an indoor pool apartment may cost.

Purpose –

The primary function of a swimming pool is to swim, but so much more is done at the pool. For instance, enjoying a dip in the water on a hot day to cool off, teaching your children how to swim, socializing with families poolside, or swimming laps and getting your exercise on. All of this can be done when the weather is sunny outside, but one can do all of the above-mentioned in an indoor swimming pool anytime. Even drink a cold beer…or root beer if you don’t like alcohol. Anyway, your favorite drink with friends inside a warmed pool sounds like a nice weekend, right?

Although it didn’t make the article, there’s a residential building with luxury apartments for rent with an indoor pool in NYC called EOS NoMad, with elegant and modern residential living.

EOS NoMad’s 47 stories are located at 100 W 31st St in Midtown South. The amenities at EOS NoMad offer an oasis where residents can relax and enjoy themselves. Eco-friendly EOS NoMad has designed a beautiful room for their indoor swimming pool with a glass wall. Even the locker room is elegant and modern. If you’d like more information on EOS NoMad and their beautiful indoor swimming pool, check out their website. There is a very cool picture gallery and a virtual tour you’ll enjoy as you dream about indoor pools.

No More Space Saving Exercise Equipment, Rent Apartments with Fitness Center

So you like your luxury apartment rental in Jersey City but it doesn’t have a fitness center. Bummer! Luxury apartments in Jersey City have plenty of resort-type amenities to offer their residents but you’d be surprised to find that not all of them have fitness centers.


Here are the different offerings available with apartments with fitness center in Jersey City

Ab machinesellipticals, stationary bicycles, spin studio, treadmillsabdominal crunchers, aerobic stepperscable pulley machines, exercise ballsrowing machinesfree weights, dumbbells, weight machines, dedicated weight rooms, pull-up bar, bench press, battle ropes, preacher bench, pec deck machine, handgrip exerciser, inclined bench press, lat pull-down machine, hammer strength machine, ankle weight, reverse hyper, leg curl machine, leg press machine, hack squat machine, leg extension machine, leg adduction/abduction machine, mini-trampoline, the Roman chair, prowler/dragging sled, kettleballs, maxi climber, power rack, Smith machine, inversion table, dip station, steps, resistance bands, vibration plates, arc trainer, arm curl dual axis chest and overhead press, fly, rotary hip, pilates equipment, pilates studio, stair climbers, jump rope, yoga studio, spa treatment room, dry and wet saunas, Jacuzzis, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, aquatic classes, juice bar, massage treatment rooms, group exercise classes, locker rooms, personal trainers, tennis courts, basketball courts, handball courts, racquetball, volleyball, and childcare.

Fitness centers are like the community hub these days for all ages. There is always something at a fitness center for everyone to enjoy. The problem for most people is getting themselves to a fitness center after a busy day. If there’s a fitness center in your apartment building, you have no excuse about the transport time, or parking, or the kids, or anything else.

So put that space saving treadmill up for sale (you know, the one that sits in the corner and is used as a catch all) and get your behind inside that fitness center. Working out is one good way to maintain overall body health, as exercise has been scientifically proven for its health and psychological benefits.

Top 5 Apartments with Fitness Centers in Jersey City

Where are the 5 best apartments with fitness center jersey cityFitness centers in apartment complexes are probably the number 1 amenity request by residents. If you don’t have to travel to get to the gym to exercise, there are no excuses left not to exercise when you have a fitness center at your disposal without the hassle of traveling. No excuses.

According to, here are the top five apartments with fitness centers in Jersey City

  1. The Pier Apartments, 1 Harborside Place, Jersey City – The Pier’s fitness center is available 24 hours a day and includes a yoga studio. The floor-to-ceiling windows provide views of Manhattan and the Hudson River as a worthy backdrop for your fitness time.
  2. 70 Greene Apartments, 70 Greene Street, Jersey City – 70 Greene’s lustrous blue and green glass panes make it a highlight of the Paulus Hook and Jersey City skyline. 70 Greene offers a 24 hour fitness center with a yoga studio and massage room. There is also an outdoor swimming pool and hot tub available to expand your exercise realm.
  3. Portside Towers, 155 Washington Street, Jersey CitySituated next to Liberty State Park on the Jersey City waterfront, at the corner of Washington and Dudley Street, Portside Towers offers a large, fully-equipped fitness center with views of Liberty Marina. In addition for residence’s use is a basketball court and tennis courts.
  4. Ellipse Apartments, 25 Park Lane South, Jersey CityResidents are indulged with premium amenities such as the resort-style outdoor swimming pool with an expansive sun deck and state-of-the-art fitness center overlooking the Hudson River with floor to ceiling windows.
  5. Newport Rentals, 100 Town Square Place, Jersey CityThe comfort of a vibrant local community, the convenience of a location minutes from the city, Newport Rentals offers the best of both worlds. Its state-of-the-art gym facility includes cardio machines, free weight equipment, weightlifting equipment, sauna, spa, a swimming pool and tennis courts.

There are new apartments with a brand new fitness center in Jersey City – The One Apartments have recently surfaced with much enthusiasm city wide. The One is located at 110 First Street, Jersey City on vibrant waterfront property. The world class, state-of-the-art fitness center includes a yoga studio, dedicated weight room, an outdoor swimming pool and a golf simulator. The One offers complimentary yoga classes for residents.