To swim or not to swim…Why You Prefer Apartments for Rent With Indoor Pool

New York City’s weather is not as good as….San Diego, for example. Every year has 8,760 hours. And if you live in New York, in those 8,760 hours, you will only see the sunshine 2,677 hours on average. You’ll also need to open your umbrella about 121 days, because this is how much it rains in New York each year, according to US Climate Data.

33% of the days in New York, it’s raining. Now you know why it’s raining in most movies filmed in New York City. No dramatic effect at all, it rains for real!

On the other coast, San Diego enjoys 2,958 hours of sunshine without snow at all and only 43 rainy days. On March 17, 2017, New York City was hit with a snow storm that dropped 3 inches of snow just days before the official start of spring. Probably a lot of fun for the kids, but not so fun if you need to leave home and go to the office, right?

When you consider all of this, you know why you want an indoor pool over an outdoor pool if you are living in New York City, or if you have plans to move there.

In an article posted on, ten apartments are featured with swimming pools – some indoor, some outdoor. So why is an indoor swimming pool better than an outdoor swimming pool, besides the weather? Let’s check two main reasons. But for sure, you can find some other reasons on your own.

Accessibility –

An outdoor swimming pool in New York City is not heated during off seasons. This is bad news for you and every member of your family except if you have a penguin as a pet. An indoor swimming pool is just an elevator ride away from your apartment door and ready for a swim whenever you are…a climate-controlled, warm pool. Now you get the point, and you see it’s worth every extra dollar an indoor pool apartment may cost.

Purpose –

The primary function of a swimming pool is to swim, but so much more is done at the pool. For instance, enjoying a dip in the water on a hot day to cool off, teaching your children how to swim, socializing with families poolside, or swimming laps and getting your exercise on. All of this can be done when the weather is sunny outside, but one can do all of the above-mentioned in an indoor swimming pool anytime. Even drink a cold beer…or root beer if you don’t like alcohol. Anyway, your favorite drink with friends inside a warmed pool sounds like a nice weekend, right?

Although it didn’t make the article, there’s a residential building with luxury apartments for rent with an indoor pool in NYC called EOS NoMad, with elegant and modern residential living.

EOS NoMad’s 47 stories are located at 100 W 31st St in Midtown South. The amenities at EOS NoMad offer an oasis where residents can relax and enjoy themselves. Eco-friendly EOS NoMad has designed a beautiful room for their indoor swimming pool with a glass wall. Even the locker room is elegant and modern. If you’d like more information on EOS NoMad and their beautiful indoor swimming pool, check out their website. There is a very cool picture gallery and a virtual tour you’ll enjoy as you dream about indoor pools.

No More Space Saving Exercise Equipment, Rent Apartments with Fitness Center

So you like your luxury apartment rental in Jersey City but it doesn’t have a fitness center. Bummer! Luxury apartments in Jersey City have plenty of resort-type amenities to offer their residents but you’d be surprised to find that not all of them have fitness centers.


Here are the different offerings available with apartments with fitness center in Jersey City

Ab machinesellipticals, stationary bicycles, spin studio, treadmillsabdominal crunchers, aerobic stepperscable pulley machines, exercise ballsrowing machinesfree weights, dumbbells, weight machines, dedicated weight rooms, pull-up bar, bench press, battle ropes, preacher bench, pec deck machine, handgrip exerciser, inclined bench press, lat pull-down machine, hammer strength machine, ankle weight, reverse hyper, leg curl machine, leg press machine, hack squat machine, leg extension machine, leg adduction/abduction machine, mini-trampoline, the Roman chair, prowler/dragging sled, kettleballs, maxi climber, power rack, Smith machine, inversion table, dip station, steps, resistance bands, vibration plates, arc trainer, arm curl dual axis chest and overhead press, fly, rotary hip, pilates equipment, pilates studio, stair climbers, jump rope, yoga studio, spa treatment room, dry and wet saunas, Jacuzzis, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, aquatic classes, juice bar, massage treatment rooms, group exercise classes, locker rooms, personal trainers, tennis courts, basketball courts, handball courts, racquetball, volleyball, and childcare.

Fitness centers are like the community hub these days for all ages. There is always something at a fitness center for everyone to enjoy. The problem for most people is getting themselves to a fitness center after a busy day. If there’s a fitness center in your apartment building, you have no excuse about the transport time, or parking, or the kids, or anything else.

So put that space saving treadmill up for sale (you know, the one that sits in the corner and is used as a catch all) and get your behind inside that fitness center. Working out is one good way to maintain overall body health, as exercise has been scientifically proven for its health and psychological benefits.

5 Facts About Farmingdale in New York

Take a break from searhcing for residences in Farmingdale New YorkIf you ever thought about moving to Farmingdale, NY you’ve come to the right place! Here we will tell you why we think you should consider Farmingdale for your next home.

Farmingdale is an incorporated village on Long Island within the Town of Oyster Bay in Nassau County, NY. You can find very interesting places to go and exciting things to do. Thousands of tourists and wannabe residents, searching for a tranquil setting, while at the same time, looking to have some fun with different activities, visit Farmingdale.

So, if you are searching for residences in Farmingdale, New York, this is, without a doubt, a great place to live.

Here is our list of the top 5 places to visit in Farmingdale to get the most out of your experience.

  1. Adventureland- Got kids? Or just wanna have an amazing time playing the best games ever? Let your excitement take over and have fun like never before. Adventureland is just a must if you love amusement park games. Your day at Adventureland will be so awesome it will make you wanna come back for more!
  2. American Airpower Museum- This place is loaded with history, stories of soldiers, and planes. It is perfect for aviator lovers, and also for people who know nothing about planes. This is just a place you should visit as it will captivate you with its interesting stories. You can also find great planes (many in airworthy condition) and also fascinating dioramas and displays of wartime life.
  3. Bethpage Black- Love playing Golf? Then you should definitely visit Bethpage Black. If this is your favorite sport, you will enjoy an incredible golf course. The whole Bethpage complex gets more rounds of golf played than any other course in the US. So get ready to use your mind and your skills and show everyone who´s the winner!
  4. RPM Raceway – If you love cars and you are a fan of racing this could become YOUR favorite place in the world. It´s a fun place for all ages, Carts for adults go up to 45 mph and there’s a separate track for 8-year-olds and older. Go racing and live a unique adventure!
  5. J-Two Lounge- If you wanna hang out with your friends, have a drink and spend an awesome time, come to J-Two Lounge. It’s a friendly environment, so much so that everyone seems to know each other, and has good music too. Definitely, a place where you can have a good drink or watch a game. So surprise your girl and take her out to this friendly lounge!

As you can see there are plenty of places to visit and activities to do, so if you are considering apartments for rent in Farmingdale New York you are making a great decision.

Housing Lottery Closes for Brand New Luxury Residences in Long Island City NY

Long Island City NY Luxury Residences Coming Soon The housing lottery for 34 affordable luxury residences in Long Island City came to an end yesterday. Applications were to be submitted between May 16 and June 14, 2017, in order to be considered for one of the below market rate rentals.

According to the Department of Housing, Preservation and Development, the available units include 14 studio apartments starting at $908 per month, 15 one-bedroom apartments for $974 per month, and 5 two-bedroom apartments are being offered at $1176 per month. Income restrictions for qualifying applicants can be obtained from the NY Housing District. Members of Queens Community Board 2 will be given preference for fifty percent of the units. Queens Community Board 2 covers the neighborhoods of Long Island City, Sunnyside and Woodside.

Watermark LIC is a new 27-story apartment building with a total of 168 luxury rentals in Long Island City. The complex, formerly known as Watermark Court Square, is located at 27-19 44th Drive, and is scheduled to open in July 2017. Available amenities at Watermark LIC include Wi-Fi in common areas, roof-top terrace, sky lounge, a garden cafe and a fitness center, according to the listing on Residents will be able to get to local shopping, dining and cultural spots by way of Vernon and Jackson Avenue. In addition to the residential units, the mixed-use building will have approximately 2,500 square feet of retail space on the ground floor.

Back in May 2016, in a NY Yimby article, the Long Island City Post quoted the market rate prices for the LIC no fee luxury apartments to be around $2100 per month for a 400 square foot studio, $2500 for a 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment that varies from 600-820 square feet of living space, and a 950-1100 square foot 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartment for $3300 per month.

If you missed you out on the housing lottery for this complex, you can check the NYC Housing Connect website for a list of the current open lotteries.


Applications are Being Accepted for Luxury Residences in Long Island City NY

Living in Long Island City NY luxury residences is an aspiration of many New York City residents. The area is ideal for work and play, with luxury apartments offering quality amenities and features that apartment dwellers long for. Affordable apartments are hard to come by, but a recent Court Square development is now accepting housing lottery applications. There are 34 affordable apartments located within the building that are an ideal option for individuals in search of luxury rentals in Long Island City.

The apartments will be quite affordable and will start as low as $908 a month. The building, known as Watermark LIC, is a 27-story property that contains a total of 168 apartments. The building is also home to 2,500 square feet of space. Within the affordable apartments, there are 14 studios that come in at the low price of $908 and will be open to individuals who earn $33,018 to $40,080 a year. One bedroom apartments will cost $974 per month and will be open to singles who make $35,319 to $40,080, while two people living in the space can make from $35,349 to $45,840. There will be two bedroom apartments also available.

As a tenant of the building, residents will have the benefit of no fee luxury apartments. Amenities of the building include 24-hour concierge service as well as a café and lounge, sky terrace and fitness center. Two top features of the property include bike storage and storage units. Renters will be able to store their bikes in the bike storage area and store additional home items in the individual storage units located on site.

The applications for these affordable units will be accepted until the June 14, 2017. This gives potential renters plenty of time to fill out an application and hopefully earn one of the luxury apartments.


Top 5 Apartments with Fitness Centers in Jersey City

Where are the 5 best apartments with fitness center jersey cityFitness centers in apartment complexes are probably the number 1 amenity request by residents. If you don’t have to travel to get to the gym to exercise, there are no excuses left not to exercise when you have a fitness center at your disposal without the hassle of traveling. No excuses.

According to, here are the top five apartments with fitness centers in Jersey City

  1. The Pier Apartments, 1 Harborside Place, Jersey City – The Pier’s fitness center is available 24 hours a day and includes a yoga studio. The floor-to-ceiling windows provide views of Manhattan and the Hudson River as a worthy backdrop for your fitness time.
  2. 70 Greene Apartments, 70 Greene Street, Jersey City – 70 Greene’s lustrous blue and green glass panes make it a highlight of the Paulus Hook and Jersey City skyline. 70 Greene offers a 24 hour fitness center with a yoga studio and massage room. There is also an outdoor swimming pool and hot tub available to expand your exercise realm.
  3. Portside Towers, 155 Washington Street, Jersey CitySituated next to Liberty State Park on the Jersey City waterfront, at the corner of Washington and Dudley Street, Portside Towers offers a large, fully-equipped fitness center with views of Liberty Marina. In addition for residence’s use is a basketball court and tennis courts.
  4. Ellipse Apartments, 25 Park Lane South, Jersey CityResidents are indulged with premium amenities such as the resort-style outdoor swimming pool with an expansive sun deck and state-of-the-art fitness center overlooking the Hudson River with floor to ceiling windows.
  5. Newport Rentals, 100 Town Square Place, Jersey CityThe comfort of a vibrant local community, the convenience of a location minutes from the city, Newport Rentals offers the best of both worlds. Its state-of-the-art gym facility includes cardio machines, free weight equipment, weightlifting equipment, sauna, spa, a swimming pool and tennis courts.

There are new apartments with a brand new fitness center in Jersey City – The One Apartments have recently surfaced with much enthusiasm city wide. The One is located at 110 First Street, Jersey City on vibrant waterfront property. The world class, state-of-the-art fitness center includes a yoga studio, dedicated weight room, an outdoor swimming pool and a golf simulator. The One offers complimentary yoga classes for residents.

Would You Rather Have Manhattan Apartments with a Balcony or Terrace?

apartments with balcony in ManhattanThere are many ads for apartments that offer balconies and terraces. What is the difference between a balcony and a terrace? They’re almost the same…right? Sometimes the advertising people use balconies and terraces synonymously but generally here’s the difference in reference to apartments and/or apartment buildings…Balconies are ordinarily private or semi-private. A terrace is usually not private and is associated with a specific place like a “garden” or “rooftop.”

Wikipedia’s definition of a balcony is defined as a platform projecting from the wall of a building, supported by columns or console brackets and enclosed with a balustrade, usually above the ground floor, commonly with an entrance from a door or window. defines a terrace as a raised level with a vertical or sloping front or sides faced with masonry, turf, or the like, especially one of a series of levels rising one above another.

Here are a few apartments with a balcony in Manhattan from

  • West End Towers is located at 55-75 West End Avenue. West End Towers is a 1,000-unit high-rise just off 66th Street on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. This high-end rental building features a fitness center with pool and classes for adults and children, children’s playroom, children’s outdoor playground, parking and a complimentary shuttle bus.
  • Symphony House at 235 West 56th Street. This very large, orange-brown brick, rental tower has a handsome polished red granite base and a very handsome entrance and plaza. Symphony House offers a health club and pool on the top two floors, a garage, a doorman, a concierge, a bicycle room, a storage room, a sundeck, a recreation room, a laundry on every floor, video security and valet service.
  • The Pavilion at 500 East 77th Street occupies the full block between 77th and 76th Streets and York Avenue. The Pavilion has its own shopping arcade, landscaped roof decks, a 24-hour attended garage, a shuttle bus to transit and shopping, a windowed laundry facility, air-conditioning, ATM on site and a fitness center.
  • House 39’s address is 225 E 39th Street and recently began accepting residents. House 39, the shimmering 36-story curved glass tower in Murray Hill, offers a fitness room to be a mecca of fitness possibilities, including a full yoga studio, a locker room and even a Turkish-bath inspired hammam steam room. Rooftop indoor and outdoor hot tubs beckon after a long day at the office, complete with dazzling views of the surrounding neighborhood.

Swim Any Time of Year in Your NYC Apartment for Rent with an Indoor Pool

apartments for rent with indoor pool nycFinding a place to live in New York City with a ground level outdoor swimming pool is as uncommon as seeing a baby pigeon. Usually pools can be found on the rooftops – they can be enclosed or open air and some have temperature controlled water. Finding apartments for rent with an indoor pool in NYC is even more of a challenge.

Let’s see what residential buildings in Manhattan have to offer in the way of indoor swimming pools that you can enjoy all year long…

River Place, at 650 West 42nd Street, describes itself as ultimate New York City waterfront luxury living just steps away from Times Square in this highly desirable West Side neighborhood. The 75-foot long, glass-enclosed, indoor swimming pool is part of the state-of-the-art, 34,000 square-foot health club called the River Club, and comes complete with lounge chairs overlooking the Hudson River.

Columbus Square Apartments in Manhattan’s Upper West Side, at 808 Columbus Avenue and West 97th Street has a breathtaking pool. Fully enclosed with an awesome view through the floor to ceiling windows is a heated 70 foot long, three lane lap pool.

At 400 West 63rd Street is The Ashley, a modern high-rise doorman building offering a gym, a garage and a children’s play area. The reinforced concrete structure is poised elegantly and with a modern design. In The Ashley’s luxury fitness center you will find a 75 foot indoor swimming pool and hot tub.

At EOS Nomad’s green luxury tower at 100 West 31st Street enjoy the sweeping city views, a rooftop recreation level, an inside pool with the perk of having its own 15,000-square-foot Nike-branded gym. For more information regarding the beautiful indoor pool at EOS, check out their website at

Good News for Apartment Hunters: More Rental Options in the Bronx are Being Built

Apartment Hunters

When it comes to apartments in the Bronx, it can be tricky to find one big enough for you and your loved ones that fits a budget and is close enough to work and other desirable locations. Therefore, the news that buildings are being built and the Bronx is getting more apartments is music to the ears of people who are hoping to find new homes in the coming months.

There are apartments for rent Bronx NY, but typically they are not in ideal locations, are weird when it comes to the layout or have other frustrating features for those looking for a new place to call home.

Now, however, the area has a new trend. On parking lots, abandoned lots and even a community garden or two, the trend has been to build new affordable housing apartments. These are being built in recognition of the rise in homelessness in NYC in recent years. They are also being built to combat the fact that families and individuals who work in the city are living in shelters because an apartment or housing location of their own is not feasible to fit into their average budget.

This may not be ideal news to those struggling to find an apartment who don’t fit the criteria to receive affordable housing. However, the balance of the city is turning toward providing homes for those who are looking for one. That can only mean good things for the average person on an apartment hunt in the Big Apple in this day and age.

Don’t give up hope on finding your ideal apartment. It must be out there, waiting for you to cross its threshold and discover the love you hold for the nooks and crannies of that particular location. Take heart in the challenge of the search, and your adventures in apartment hunting can only bring humor and diversion to your life outside of work.

Apartments with Balcony: Organizing a Party with Friends

Apartments with Balcony in Manhattan

If you’re lucky enough to be renting one of those luxury apartments with a balcony in Manhattan, like those you may have seen on, then you’ve got to take advantage of that and hold a balcony party!

When you live in an apartment and like to entertain, it always helps to open up the balcony as another room. Voila. You suddenly have more space!

There are millions of ways to organize and decorate, and here are a few ideas.

If you’re trying to go low-key, then think paper lanterns, deck chairs, and a guitar. You really can’t go wrong when it’s all relaxed. The foods that may be most appropriate are finger foods, something rustic. Think popcorn bar, lemonade, chips and dip, or cream cheese and onion ham rolls. For something sweet consider cupcakes or even just cookies.

If you want something more formal, consider a small table with a centerpiece and gourmet cupcakes, then set out a few chairs and put out some plants. Plants can brighten up any space and make it party ready. Later on in the night, serve some ‘looks-fancy-but-it’s-easy’ drinks, like a dirty Shirley cocktail or something along those lines. You can always go with fruit and cheese samples, gourmet flatbreads or pizzas, or even bruschetta. These are quick, but provide the opportunity to use any gourmet ingredient you like.

Another option is to have a tropical party, a sort of luau. Make tropical rum punch, set out a couple of pineapples and leis as centerpieces, and put on some tropical drum music. Try buying a used surfboard and prop it in the corner, and then choose your foods. They could run from simple – like Hawaiian pizza or fruit skewers – to more complex foods like grilled pineapple and pork with cold macaroni salad.